After the End

The passing of a family friend at the start of this year had me thinking a lot about death. Don’t really know how to think or write about the topic of my own inevitable passing, but think the below is pretty decent go at expressing it.

After the End

Please don’t pretend I was perfect,
As I move from he is, to he was,
I don’t what to pass into legend,
Speak of me as I am,
A man of this world,
Flawed, searching, striving to be better.
Let me be real,
After the end.

Please don’t be sad,
Don’t grieve for the end of my story,
While my time may have passed,
You still have yours to live,
Know I loved you more than I could express,
Your happiness means the world to me.
No need to cry,
After the end.

Please try to remember me,
If only for a little,
They say you die twice,
Once when you pass from this life
Then again when you pass from memory,
So let me rest, before I pass again.
Remember me,
After the end


RIP Susan, I’ll make sure to remember.